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Translate using the terminal

July 12, 2021 — Marco Rocco

With translate-shell you can translating from and to all languages using the command line. It uses Google Translate, Bing Translator and other translation engines.

For installing the program in Termux, just type:

pkg install translate-shell

Translate some text to English:

trans 'Herzlich Willkommen'

Translate to a different language, French in this case:

trans :fr 'Herzlich Willkommen'

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Useful commands for the linux terminal

June 23, 2021 — Marco Rocco

Find out your public IP adress:

curl ipinfo.io

Check the weather for your current location:

curl wttr.in

Check the weather for a specific city:

curl wttr.in/berlin

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My favourite command line tools

May 19, 2021 — Marco Rocco

Here is a list of the tools I mainly use with Termux on my android phone:

  • jrnl - Journal or diary where entries are stored in a plain text file.
  • micro - Simple and intuitive to use text editor for the command line with mouse support.
  • Timewarrior - Time tracking.
  • Hugo - Static site generator
  • Newsboat - Feed reader
  • ImageMagick - Image processing and converting.

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Resizing images with ImageMagick

May 06, 2021 — Marco Rocco

On Android devices you can install ImageMagick under termux with following command:

pkg install imagemagick

Go into the folder with the images to resize, for example:

cd storage/shared/pictures

Resize all jpeg images to a maximum vertical resolution of 1080 pixels:

magick mogrify -resize x1080 *.jpg

Be aware that 'mogrify' overwrites the original image files. To avoid this you can specify a path for the output files, for example a subdirectory:

magick mogrify -resize x1080 -path resized *.jpg

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Home Server with Freedombox

May 02, 2021 — Marco Rocco

After running Openmediavault as a NAS on my Raspberry Pi for a while I decided to switch to Freedombox and use it as a home server for my website and other web services.

Services I currently use

  • Webserver
  • XMPP server
  • Bepasty
  • Radicale caldav and carddav server
  • Syncthing
  • Tiny tiny rss

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Hello World!

May 02, 2021 — Marco Rocco

This is my english blog where I write about my interests, thoughts, experiments and other stuff.

Let's see where it goes.